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e-Filing for Alien Individual Income Tax Return
by Financial Certificate

* User Notification

Good news for those who owns the Financial Certificate (the Financial CA) issued by those financial institutions (excluding Peoples of the Mainland China). The Financial CA has been approved by the Ministry of Finance and that can be used as a tool for filing the individual income tax of year 2013 via the alien individual income tax e-filing system (e-filing system).

The greatest advantage of using the Financial CA is to simplify the procedures of filing individual income tax. You may just install and run the e-filing system of Year 2013 version, choose the icon of 「Login by Financial CA」, then enter your certificate password to login the system.  Afterward, your personal data and individual income records of Year 2013 may be automatically downloaded and appearing in the said system. At the mean time, you are suggested to confirm, amend or even create any of those data or items for correctly resulting your own tax for the filing year. The system will calculate the income tax for you and you may upload the individual income tax filing subsequently. After successfully uploading, it is suggested to print out your own receipts for reference, and then send the supplementary documents to jurisdictional district tax authorities, which are decided by the address bears on your Alien Resident Certificate, to complete the filing.

Filing income tax via the use of a Financial CA can save a lot of trouble, indeed. However, there may be a risk that anyone who acquired your Financial CA can download your personal information without your permission. Please be aware that it is your responsibility to protect your Financial CA. As a result of NOT safekeeping the Financial CA, your identity might be theft or compromised and you might be hold the ultimate responsibilities.

In case that you would like to have more information with respect to the demonstration of e-filing via the use of a Financial CA or information concerning taxation, you may refer to the official website at or directly contact your financial institution.

* Should you need any assistance while using e-filing system, you are welcome to make a phone call to the service hotline of eTax at 0800-086-188 or contact your financial institution.
* If you would like to inactivate the use of the Financial CA for e-filing, please contact your financial institution and apply for such by filling out relevant application forms.
* To download the e-filing system of Year 2013 version, please go to the eTax official website at


Security Information and Precautions of the Use of the Foreigner Individual Income Tax e-Filing System (e-Filing System)

1. Only file the individual income tax or download the e-filing system from the official website of eTax at, rather than from other unknown websites or sources.

2. Never handle income tax filing and confidential/sensitive data in a computer environment with P2P (point to point) sharing software installed (such as: Foxy, eMule, BitTorrent, BitComet etc). For security reason, please backup and remove the e-filing data after you complete the whole filing process.

3. Never file the individual income tax return at a public computer (such as: Internet café, public WLAN access point etc).

4. Never file the individual income tax return in a computer environment without any anti-virus software installed. Please update your computer with the latest version of the system service pack and the virus definition code constantly. To enforce the security of the computer system, please DO the virus scanning before operating or uploading the individual income tax filing.

5. Never entrust others to file your individual income tax return.